Served with mint and tamarind chutney


1 Punjabi Chicken Wings

Spicy chicken wings roasted in the tandoor oven - 6.99


2 Vegetable Samosa (2pcs)

Homemade patties stuffed with seasoned potatoes and peas - 2.99


3 Aloo Tikki (2pcs)

Potato pancake dipped in chick-peas batter and fried - 2.99


4 Vegetablel Pakora (7pcs)

Fresh cut vegetable fritters dipped in our house batter and fried - 2.99


5 Paneer Pakora (7pcs)

Homemade cheese dipped in chick-peas batter and fried - 2.99


6 Chickem Pakora (7pcs)

Tender pieces of boneless chicken marinated in spices and batter fried - 3.99


7 Mixed Platter

Vegetarian - 6.99, Non-Vegetarian - 6.99


8 Fish Pakora (10pcs)

Catfish marinated with yogurt, lemon juice , battered and deep-fried - 6.99


9 Shrimp Pakora (6pcs)

Specially prepared shrimps, battered and deep-fried - 6.99




10 Lentil Soup

Traditional Indian soup made with lentils and vegetables - 2.99


11 Tomato Soup

A refreshingly delicious soup made from fresh tomatoes - 2.99


12 Chicken Soup

Delicious soup made with chicken, herbs and spices - 2.99


Tandoori Breads


13 Tandoori Roti

Whole wheat flour bread baked in a clay oven - 1.99


14 Naan

Tandoori baked white flour bread - 1.99


15 Onion Kulcha

Tandoori naan stuffed with seasoned onions - 2.99


16 Garlic Naan

Tandoori naan stuffed with seasoned garlic - 2.99


17 Paneer Naan

Tandoori naan stuffed with homemade cheese - 2.99


18 Aloo Paratha

Whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes - 2.99


19 Lacha Paratha

Multi-layered whole wheat flour bread cooked with butter - 2.99


20 Keema Paratha

Whole wheat flour bread stuffed with ground lamb, fresh ginger and cilantro - 2.99


21 Special Bread

White flour bread stuffed with delicately spiced chicken - 2.99


22 Puri

Whole wheat deep-fried bread - 2.99


23 Peshwari Naan

Stuffed with raisins, nuts and coconut - 2.99


24 Spinach Naan

White flour bread with spinach - 2.99


25 Chicken Spinach Naan

White flour bread with chicken and spinach - 2.99


26 Gobhi Paratha

Bread stuffed with minced cauliflower - 2.99



27 Papad

Crispy lentil wafers - 1.99


28 Pickles

Spicy mixed pickles - 1.99


29 Mango Chutney

Sweet spicy mango relish - 1.99


30 Raita

Homemade yogurt with cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, onions and spices - 1.99


31 Onion Chutney

Spicy onion and tomato relish - 1.99



32 Garden Salad

Fresh garden veggies and greens served with house dressing - 2.99


33 Tandoori Tikka Salad

Barbecued white meat chicken served over a garden salad with house dressing - 3.99

Rice Specials

34 Plain Basmati Rice

Basmati rice cooked Indian style - 2.99


35 Egg Pulao

Flavored basmati rice cooked with eggs - 6.99


36 Lemon Rice

Long grain lemon flavored basmati rice steam cooked with peas and mustard seed - 6.99



37 Kheer

Creamy rice pudding garnished with pistachios and raisins - 1.99


38 Gulab Jammun

Deep-fried milkballs in sweet syrup with rose water - 1.99


39 Mango Pudding

Homemade mango pudding mixed with sorted fruit - 2.99


40 Cheesecake

New York style cheesecake - 2.99


41 Kulfi (mango, mali, pistachios) Homemade ice cream from reduced milk - 2.99


42 Gajar Halwa

Grated carrot cooked with milk, nuts and raisins - 2.99


Tandoori Entrées

ground spices, sealed in a clay oven and cooked over charcoal. Tandoori-cooked meats are juicy, lean and tender with a seductive flavor. Each is served with rice and dal makhani (lentils)


43 Chicken Tandoori

Fresh chicken marinated in yogurt with fresh ground herbs and spices, roasted till tender and succulent - 11.99


44 Chicken Tikka

Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt and mild spices, roasted on a skewer in a tandoori oven - 11.99


45 Paneer Tikka

Homemade cheese marinated in yogurt, herbs and spices - 11.99


46 Seekh Kabab

Minced ground lamb seasoned with onion, select herbs and fresh-ground spices, skewered and roasted over

glowing coals to tender perfection - 12.99


47 Shrimp Tandoori

Jumbo shrimp marinated in aromatic tandoori seasonings and roasted tandoori-style over glowing coals - 13.99


48 Fish Tikka

Chunks of fish marinated in an aromatic herb mixture and roasted to perfection - 13.99


49 Tandoori Mixed Grill

Tandoori chicken, seekh kabab, reshmi kabab and tandoori shrimp. A delicious choice - 13.99


50 Reshmi Kabab

Chunks of chicken marinated in light cream sauce with mild Indian spices, toasted till tender, then tandoori-broiled - 12.99


Chicken Entrées

Chicken entrées served with rice


51 Chicken Curry

Chicken in a flavorful curry sauce - 10.99


52 Kadai Chicken

Boneless chicken cooked with fresh tomatoes, julienne-style onion and green pepper in curry sauce - 10.99


53 Chicken Madrasi

Chunks of chicken with fresh tomatoes and onions in a fiery hot sauce - 10.99


54 Butter Chicken

Tandoori chicken prepared in a rich butter and cream sauce, garnished with cashews and raisins - 10.99


55 Chicken Tikka Masala

Chunks of tender chicken served in a rich tomato cream sauce - 10.99


56 Chicken Saag

Chicken with seasoned spinach - 10.99


57 Chicken Mushroom

Chunks of chicken prepared with fresh mushrooms - 10.99


58 Chicken Dal Piyaza

Tender chunks of chicken with shredded onions, green peppers and spices - 10.99


59 Chicken Vindaloo

Chunks of chicken and potatoes sautéed in a fiery vindaloo sauce - 10.99


60 Chicken Shahi Korma

Tender chunks of chicken in a luscious cream sauce with herbs and nuts - 10.99


61 Chicken Chili

Chunks of chicken simmered in a rich tomato sauce with seasoned bell pepper and shredded onions - 10.99


62 Chicken and Vegetables

Chunks of chicken sautéed with mild Indian seasonings, fresh mushrooms, broccoli and tomatoes. Seasoned to your taste - 10.99


63 Chicken Mango

Chunks of chicken cooked in mango sauce with scallions, mild seasonings and a touch of fresh-grated ginger - 10.99

Tender Lamb

Lamb entrées served with rice


64 Lamb Curry

Lean lamb cubed and cooked in a mildly spicy curry sauce - 11.99


65 Kadai Lamb

Boneless lamb tossed with fresh julienne-style tomato, green pepper, onion, herbs and spices - 11.99


66 Lamb Vindaloo

Fresh lamb and potatoes prepared in a spicy – hot vindaloo sauce - 11.99


67 Lamb Saag

Boneless lamb prepared with curried spinach. A delicious choice - 11.99


68 Boti Kabab Masala

Tender juicy chunks of tandoori lamb kabab served in our exquisite curry sauce - 11.99


69 Lamb Dal Piyaza

Pieces of tender lamb cooked with shredded onions, lentils and Indian spices - 11.99


70 Lamb Shahi Korma

Lamb cooked in a rich cream sauce with herbs and nuts - 11.99


71 Lamb Madrasi

Lamb with onions, fresh tomatoes and ginger in a fiery-hot sauce - 11.99



Seafood entrées served with rice


72 Shrimp Bhuna

Succulent shrimp cooked in specially prepared herbs and spices with a touch of fresh grated ginger and fresh roasted garlic - 12.99


73 Shrimp Tandoori Masala

Shrimp marinated in yogurt and a medley of spices, roasted tandoori-style and presented in our exquisite curry sauce - 12.99


74 Shrimp Saag

Shrimp cooked with spinach and flavored with fresh spices - 12.99


75 Shrimp Vindaloo

Shrimp and potatoes cooked in a fiery hot sauce - 12.99


76 Shrimp Shahi Korma

Shrimp cooked in a luscious cream sauce with herbs and nuts - 12.99


77 Fish Masala

Fresh fish cooked with fresh peppers, onions and tomatoes in a mildly spicy curry sauce - 12.99


78 Fish Curry

Fresh fish cooked with fresh spices in our velvety thick curry sauce - 12.99


Shrimp Curry - 12.99


House Recommendations

79 Vegetarian Thali

A traditional Indian meal served in a silver platter with nav ratan curry, saag paneer, dal makhani, raita, rice and samosa, mango pudding, naan, tea or coffee - 13.99


80 Non-Vegetarian Thali

A traditional Indian meal served in a silver platter with lamb curry, chicken marsala, chicken tandoori, dal, raita, rice, naan, mango pudding, tea or coffee - 14.99

Vegetarian Specials

81 Kadai Paneer

Cottage cheese tossed with fresh julienne style of tomato, green pepper and onion, herbs and spices - 9.99


82 Jeera Aloo

Traditional Indian dish of cumin flavored potatoes - 9.99


83 Paneer Masala

Indian cheese cooked with fresh tomatoes, sliced onions and green peppers with our special zesty sauce - 9.99


84 Paneer Shahi Korma

Homemade cheese cooked with nuts and a touch of cream in fresh herbs and spices - 9.99


85 Mattar Paneer

Homemade cheese and green peas in a flavorful curry sauce - 9.99


86 Saag Paneer

Homemade cheese cooked with curried spinach - 9.99


87 Aloo Saag

Curried spinach with potatoes - 9.99


88 Malai Kofta

Minced vegetable bails cooked in a cream sauce and garnished with cashews and raisins - 9.99

89 Khumb Bahaji

Fresh mushrooms cooked with green peppers and tomatoes in a mild curry sauce - 9.99


90 Mixed Vegetables

Assortment of garden fresh vegetables sautéed in a flavorful sauce - 9.99


91 Vegetable Vindaloo

Garden fresh vegetables in a hot vindaloo sauce - 9.99


92 Channa Masala

A North Indian specialty, subtly flavored with chick-peas and tempered with ginger and garlic - 9.99


93 Nav Ratan Shahi Korma

Nine assorted garden fresh vegetables sautéed in fresh herbs and spices - 9.99


94 Aloo Gobi

Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with Indian herbs - 9.99


95 Dal Makhni

Lentil beans with freshly ground spices sautéed in butter - 9.99


96 Bangan Bhartha

Baked eggplant sautéed with fresh tomatoes, onions and green peas - 9.99


97 Channa Saag

A North Indian specialty, subtly flavored with chick-peas and tempered with spinach - 9.99


98 Punjabi Bhaji

Deep-fried vegetable fritters, simmered in ginger, garlic and tomato sauce - 9.99


99 Mushroom Saag

Fresh mushrooms cooked in spinach with fresh spices - 9.99


100 Aloo Mattar

Fresh green peas, cooked in a spiced sauce with potatoes - 9.99


101 Bhindi Masala

Garden fresh okra cooked with garlic, ginger and coriander - 9.99


102 Dal Tadka

Lentils with onions, tomatoes and cumin - 9.99


103 Chilli Paneer

Chunks of cottage cheese simmered with seasoned bell peppers, shredded onion and spices - 10.99


Biryani Specials

(Basmati Rice)


104 Lamb Biryani

A classic Mughlai dish of aromatic rice, flavored with cubes of tender lamb and green peas with saffron - 11.99


105 Chicken Biryani

A Mughlai dish prepared with chicken and green peas with saffron flavored rice garnished with raisins and cashews - 10.99


106 Shrimp Biryani

Aromatic rice prepared with fresh shrimp and peas, fragrant with saffron, garnished with cashews and raisins - 12.99


107 Vegetable Biryani

Aromatic rice prepared with garden fresh vegetables fragrant with saffron, garnished with cashews and raisins - 9.99


108 Garden Special

Our special Biryani cooked with chicken, lamb, shrimp and vegetables, served with raita - 12.99




109 Soft Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange, Root Beer, Mr. Pibb, Iced Tea and Lemonade - 1.49


110 Coffee - 1.29


111 Darjeeling Tea - 1.29


112 Indian Spiced Tea

with Milk & Cardamom - 1.69


113 Plain Lassi

Homemade yogurt, milk & rosewater - 1.99


114 Mango Lassi

Mango, homemade yogurt and milk - 1.99


115 Mango Shake

Mango puree blended with milk and vanilla ice cream - 1.99


116 Mango Juice

Refreshing drink made with mango - 1.99

Beer List


Taj Mahal (22-oz) - 5.99 Flying Horse (22-oz.) - 5.99 Kingfisher (12-oz.) - 3.99


IMPORTS - 3.99 Corona Heineken Sam Adams New Castle Smirnoff Ice


DOMESTICS - 2.99 Budweiser Bud Light Michelob Ultra Coors Light MGD Miller High Life Miller Lite O’Douls NA


Hours of Operation

Lunch Buffet (everyday) 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Dinner (every evening) 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Catering Available

Catering service for private parties Call: 219-874-5700

Take Out Service Available